Your root is to allow the user to enter the program on the smart device Android action so that it can edit what has been set in the phone by the phone manufacturer and developed to suit other copies of the work program and can be erased and re-loaded back on the program of work and it can also erase the applications added to the phone before. Ditto and we reminded us about your root process that the primary purpose is to allow the user to manage the device where it can erase or download applications that can not be used with the program of work because of the constraints laid down by the manufacturer or modify applications available so that it can Coded correct each and every one of them the work en route to your device means getting the powers of the super user on your Android system and access to these powers, you can do many things, such as the inauguration of the Roman dedicated, many of the themes themes inauguration, improve system performance, increase battery life by using applications require your root and perhaps the use of the characteristics of your device you need to pay for the service provider your own to get them like WiFi tethering all Mazkrnah of course, is not the result of work en route to the device, but only to get all the characteristics that we have mentioned you first start work en route to your device.