Ubuntu (the Ubuntu) is one of the Linux distributions (GNU / Linux) desktop computers and laptops and servers, is always evaluated as one of the most Linux distributions Hobeih.ohdav Ubuntu include the provision of fixed updated driver for users Mediterranean with an emphasis on ease of use system and installation. Ubuntu is based on Debian distribution,

It is presented by Canonical Ltd., owned by South African Mark Shuttleworth from. The word Ubuntu comes from the Zulu and the literal meaning it is "humanity", but the meaning of it comes from the use of South African have to describe the "principle of humanity toward others," or what is sometimes translated as "we exist because of others" in addition to other translations suggested by some is named the distribution of this

Name because it has to be to bring the concept of Ubuntu to the software world, Vooponto is free and open system and can be deployed between any number of people. Kubuntu is an official Zopinto and minor projects of the Ubuntu project, aiming to bring desktops KDE and Xfce environment straight to the heart of Ubuntu (which uses the surface of the Unity office by default). Edubuntu is an official secondary project is designed to work in schools, which should be suitable for children to use at home.