BlueStacks program this small tool is easy to use, which is used to run all Android applications, estimated at 75 million application of both games Android or Android programs. I mean, if you do not have a mobile phone technology Alandroed do not be sad, if any, a game or a program you like and you want to use it once you own a PC and this wonderful program BlueStacks can run all the games you love. This program is similar in concept drivers playoff games will launch on the computer, but that's to run Android applications. And beautiful in the BlueStacks program that operates full-screen applications and deal with it like you deal with the Android phone application. Most of the games played with the mouse "mouse" and without any errors or slower load The program is characterized by rapid download games and most importantly in this program it does not require the possibilities above the computer, but it works on less possibilities but the only drawback in the BlueStacks program that may cause problems or may It does not work with windows xp and windows vista but it works well with Windows 7. Overall, BlueStacks is an effective piece of software that brings flavor Android applications on your computer. Although it does not boast such a wide range of applications, it is still a good way to test some of the applications that run on mobile on your PC.